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Quality System

Date:2011-05-04 23:01:04From:Aventis Pharmaceutical Group

Aventis Pharma system and the modernization of the tireless efforts of staff, will provide customers with the highest quality products and professional services. Companies and government agencies and customers to maintain contact and communication on product quality and prove that the company's commitment to sustainable development.

    Aventis Group has a production base in each of perfect quality management system, overall responsibility for the quality management of the base, which consists of quality control, quality assurance of two parts. Staff have been engaged in GMP, regulations and industry expertise in training, ability and level is also rising; the production scale of the bases also has to adapt with infrared, vapor, liquid and UV spectrophotometer, analytical instruments, etc., complete with quality assurance quality control.

   Aventis Pharma will be a year more than 100 clients through the audit unit of the review, we welcome this review because we get feedback to continuously improve our operational efficiency and quality systems.

   We assume the following services:
   Supplier Audit
   Raw material procurement, inspection, storage, management in the library
   Raw materials testing
   Production site monitoring
   Semi-finished products, intermediates detected
   Environmental testing
   Process water, waste water testing
   Product testing
   Release of finished products
   Stability of the rub test
   Detection of adverse reactions
   After-sales tracking service products
   Analysis and detection can proceed as follows:
   Infrared Analysis
   Gas Analysis
   Liquid Analysis
   UV Analysis
   Physical and chemical analysis
   Standard titration
   Microbial limit test

   Aventis Pharma (Hainan) Co., Ltd.
Product quality is the most important part of the company, Aventis Pharma has a high level of professional management team, the team consists of experts in Canada and the United States, these experts are trained in professional training, including GMP management training. To develop a set of by their strict quality management system.
    Aventis Pharma (Hainan) Co., Ltd. has a strong quality management - Quality Management Department, the under QA, QC, QA with a number of professional training of inspectors received GMP pharmaceutical production process responsible for site supervision and inspection of quality; QC with HPLC, GC Yee, UV spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, more than 30 international advanced precision testing instruments, on the pharmaceutical production process semi-finished products, intermediates, finished third a strict quality level technical inspection, review, supervision, and release management.
    Shaanxi Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Wanquan
The company has a complete set of quality control (QA / QC) system, can in strict accordance with cGMP procedures and requirements for quality management. Number of workshops has been the State Drug Administration (SDA) GMP certificate issued by a workshop by the U.S. FDA. Advanced laboratory equipment, proven methods and professional testing laboratory operations quality assurance and quality control is the foundation of this company established a high standard of quality inspection center, with a first-class equipment and professional analysts.

Quality Management


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